Expansion Packs, PartPlay


Try saying that five times fast

1. Go to class

Seriously, go to class.

There may be food.

2. Participate actively. Don’t be a Leroy sitting in the corner

3. Design a game about something that you really care about. Passion will save you in your pitch.

4. Playtest often. You find lots of hiccups to fix.

5. Go to Maker Monday. It’s basically like Mary’s office hours, except way more fun.

6. Do the readings and be prepared to talk about them

7. Have a positive attitude.

8. Check the PartPlay website often- Mary puts fun media links up

9. Do lots of research before buckling down on your game. You’ll have a much easier time later on.

10. It’s hard to keep track of your grade in this class, so don’t put things off until you forget about them.

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