There can only be Uno

So I did my game interviews on Uno, which was an experience. I remember playing it when I was a kid, which was always a fun time. (Also Maureen in ASL club let me borrow her deck, thanks gurl). I ended up being able to get my roommate, Hallie (who was in the documentary on games we watched in class), our homegirl Emily, and my friend Erin who happened to be at the Con Center to play. We played using the following house rules: Draw 1, no combos, 7 cards to start.

Playing the game itself was very entertaining, as it does have that nostalgia factor. It’s an easy game to pick up, and we actually went through the first round in about three minutes because I got lucky with my cards. There are ways to make the game last longer, of course.

I spent more time learning how to work the camera and positioning everything than actually playing, which I thought was interesting. In the end, Erin had to run to class so I was unable to interview her, but I did manage to get Hallie and Emily on camera.

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