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Okay so I was reading through the syllabus and realized I never made a player card! That’s kind of sucky. I used this card creator to put it together. The hardest part was finding an image to use. I would hope that by now you guys know who I am, but just as a refresher: I’m 18, I like costumes and makeup. I’ve won awards for design, I like science experiments, and I hope to be a teacher. Food is really great, I love cooking so campus food is a little difficult to deal with. My topic was Bisexuality, so I made Dragonfly, an interactive narrative to deal with that. I struggle with procrastination, and I’m currently eating a cookie that seems to have used tablespoons of salt instead of teaspoons. I don’t sleep well because the girls next door to me don’t understand quiet hours, and I don’t understand the purpose of a top sheet when you should use a duvet.

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