Imagine you’re totally ripped. Abs of steel, regardless of gender or species. Totally classy Victorian clothing, only to be ripped off by your INTENSE FLEXING. How could you possibly become more gentile?

By stacking hats and dodging flying obstacles such as birds and mugs of “rootbeer”.

You know, the usual.

The game has two modes to choose from- Drinky or Dodgy. You begin with Dodgy levels, using WASD and the spacebar to collect hats and jump over flying obstacles. In Drinky levels, you compete against a Com to get drinks and jump over obstacles in a barfight. The game has multiplayer capabilities and the option to purchase additional characters and levels.

The controls are where the game dims, though, as they are not very responsive. Quick scroll is no different from regular scroll, and in Drinky levels the amount of hats you get is based mostly on whether or not the barkeep puts a drink closer to you or your opponent.

All in all though, Max Gentleman is just a silly, casual game to unwind. It doesn’t have any deep meaning because it isn’t meant to. What it lacks in gameplay it makes up for in world design and music, leaving the player amused and possibly confused.

7/10 hats

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