Ever wanted to play with physics to get a candy into the mouth of a monster that showed up on your doorstep? Cut the Rope is a simple puzzle game playable online here. There are also app versions compatible with various devices. You play as yourself. The game opens with you opening your door to see a box labeled “Feed with Candy” and you’re immediately taken to the tutorial levels. This is a very simple game that gets more complex as different elements are added in.

The game begins with only candy on a rope, but then introduces gravity-defying bubbles and spiders that climb the ropes, all making your goal to feed the monster more difficult to achieve. There are three stars in each level that you want to grab, as these allow you to unlock harder stages. You can either click or drag to cut the rope, in order to accommodate various playing styles. The game is similar to Icebreaker, which was all the rage in middle school. The game runs very smoothly, there were no extra downloads or popups. Due to the different levels, this game is very replayable. It’s appropriate for everyone who can operate a computer, and would be a good way to help kids think critically about problem solving. The graphics are simple but very cute, and the music is appropriately upbeat. Both the music and sound effects can be turned off in the options menu.

This game is a great way to kill time. It’s cute, easy to pick up, and challenging enough to keep you entertained.

9/10 hats

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