Update from my tumblr posts

These were anonymous and are absolutely disgusting. Several refer to rape and abuse, so read at your peril.

“I don’t date bisexuals because I can’t trust them” “I don’t want to kiss someone who’s had dick in her mouth” “You’ll cheat” “You’re hot and all but I don’t want to catch anything from you” “That’s too bad. You were super cute until you told me” “But if you’re bi then you’re basically required to fuck anyone who asks” “You don’t deserve to call yourself queer” “You’re a traitor” “Don’t date gay people if you’re not gay” “You’re disgusting” “You’re weird” “No wonder you get abused” “No wonder people try to rape you” “Maybe you should be less sexually available all the time so people can respect you”

“So does that mean you’re dating a girl and a guy?” “You’re dating a trans dude, aren’t you actually pansexual?” “Bisexuals hate nonbinary people.” “Why do you care about gay marriage if you’re bi? Just marry a man.” “So are you cheating?” etc. I’d like to note that a lot of this (not all of it) was from within the LGBT community at my high school, too.

“But you’re a guy! Guys can’t be bisexual, only girls can!” “I think he’s just gay and doesn’t want to admit it. *said while I was literally sitting right there*” “Don’t worry, you’ll come around eventually.” “Yeah, I’d sleep with you, but I wouldn’t date you.” “So, you’re the guy in the relationships, right?”

And all of these are made 100000000x worse when this is tacked on to the end. “You understand what I mean, don’t you?”

Told by many gay friends: ” you’ll decide later. You can’t be both.”
Being told I’m not gay enough so I should just be straight.
Worst feeling ever is not feeling like I belong to either group so it feels like I always have to fake my sexuality.

Ooooh- one of my (also non-monosexual) friends decided that, in response to me telling her that I’d finally figured out I was bi, she told me I was bi-curious, because obviously making out with a girl was TOTALLY just exploration and not reaffirmation -_- It hurt more because she’s not monosexual either and I just…ugh.

Another thing was when I came out to my dad. The week before he told me something along the lines of “But of COURSE you’re heterosexual!” and when I came out, he said “I knew you were, I’m just glad you’re talking about it now.” Like, he has this weird complex about not ever being wrong everand it’s so infuriating, and so when I tried to bring up the GSA at my high school, and friends of mine that were MOGAI, and things like that…and his immediate response was “you’re straight” …and then a week later he claims to have always known? Glad to know you’re really in it to support me and not your damn ego, Dad.

Then there’s the typical “half-gay half-straight” “switch hitter” “cheater” “breeder” “on the fence” “indecisive” bullshit that unfortunately tends to come with the territory of being bi. :/

Top three that come to mind are “I don’t think you’re really gay,” the typical “I dont’ believe bisexuality exists,” and my personal favorite, upon coming out the first time: “No you’re not.”

Also, “equal opportunist” really bothered me for a while, but Ells liked it, and now I’m… actually sorta trying to reclaim it for myself. Equal opportunist is me. <3

soooo many things…I guess the absolute worst was when my parents blamed me for being openly bisexual when I was raped. Everyone else seems to have covered the basic “haha but really you’re straight/gay” “you’re just confused” “can i watch ;)” so I won’t include any of my anecdotes about those.

“I can fuck you straight”

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