On Maker Monday, Mary and Joe tested the small amount of my game that I had written. They told me that I needed to add more choices, make my dialogue seem more natural, and focus on adding more routes to the story. I was working on those when Madison visited me in my room that Tuesday, and she played through the game as well. I noticed that a major issue in both of these play-throughs was that players were just progressing to the next slide when they came to a choice, so I added hyperlinks and made the player unable to progress without using these links. This seems to have fixed the issue. I also added some ambient music for player experience.

In class on Thursday, I had three people play through the game- Madison 2013, Madison 2014, and Ryan. They all really enjoyed the game, and all commented on the music. Again, I was told to keep writing routes for players to explore. Ryan commented that it would be better if I had the hyperlinks in a static location so that the player didn’t have to move the mouse to progress from slide to slide.

Moving forward, I plan to continue writing for the characters. I hope to have all of their routes done and linked before Shark Tank. My expansion pack will be an add-on that follows the good endings of the game through MC’s relationships and explores bi struggles while in a relationship.

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