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Putting the Gay in Games

Shaw, A. “Putting the Gay in Games: Cultural Production and GLBT Content in Video Games.” Games and Culture 4.3 (2009): 228-53. Web.

This article describes the difficulties that LGBT games have in hitting the market. We’re all familiar with the “Women’s Games” that are stereotypical and can be offensive. The games that are developed for a female market are casual, homemaker-based games even though women make up 47% of Gamers. The issues with women’s games are similar to the projected issues in LGBT based games- most games fall in to cliche, stereotypical games which aren’t fun, or they take themselves too seriously and fall in to a system of pandering which is just as unpleasant. In order to try to move away from both of these extremes, I want my game to not focus on being a Gayme. Rather, I just want it to be a good, immersive game that has a strong bisexuality tone.


On the Down Low

King, J. L. On the down Low: A Journey into the Lives of “straight” Black Men Who Sleep with Men. New York: Broadway, 2004. Print.

I think I could make this a sort of Bonus Round in my game after the player has already beaten the possible paths. This book discusses the issue in the African American community of its men being so far in denial that they are “Behind the Closet”, sleeping with men but not identifying as gay or bi because it’s unacceptable in their communities. Men who are on the “DL” Have steady wives or girlfriends who they sleep with, but they still go out to sleep with men. They come home later to their women and sleep with them in a effort to cleanse themselves. For this reason, black women have HIV at a rate three times higher than Hispanic women, and eighteen times higher than white women.

I’ve also been playing numerous dating sims and visual novels to research the structure of a visual novel.

Katawa Shoujo

Hatoful Boyfriend

Persona 4 -sim and RPG


Many of these were created using Ren’Py  software


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