Wow, we did a lot this week, huh? Okay let’s run down the list:

1. Listened to a radio show. D&D Noir. Pretty good, my thoughts are there.

2. Inspirational things.

3. Collab assignments. I didn’t actually involve other classmates, but I did a lot. Here is my magazine cover, audio remix, and video. These were the most time consuming, but the video was my favorite part. Getting out of my comfort zone was a great experience.

4. Daily Creates. Unfortunately, Kristi and Peter are both gone now, but I’ll see them soon enough.

5. Social Media! I didn’t make a post, but Delia has an email! and a twitter! @DeliaLaSalle

6. Comments. I didn’t give as much criticism this week because I didn’t see the need. The posts I saw were pretty tight.

I actually really liked this week. I liked listening to the radio shows, I thought they were fun. I was able to tune in to two nights, though I only livetweeted D&D because I was doing design assignments. #multitasking. I think it’s really fun that we did the collab assignments, as well. I got to look through everyone’s characters and find something unique. Good week, everyone.

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