How hexcellent 

(ps weekly puns still definitely a thing)

We didn’t have daily creates so I’ll start with my comments

We started work on the radio show this week, (#noirpaca) which I wish we could work on over spring break. I understand that these will take much longer to grade than the usual weekly assignments, but it’s sometimes hard to balance ds106 with everything else going on. I’m going to keep writing tonight after I finish the rest of my homework.

I began this week just working on assignments because we didn’t have a plan yet. I took the opportunity to redeem a failure and improve a previous assignment. I think this opportunity was really great to practice audio editing and see how I could improve upon old assignments. I also read spam and mixed a theme song for Delia.

Thursday night I tuned into a double-feature radio show. Saturday, my group met up and since then the show has been the main priority. I’m happy with my work this week- the bumper especially. I think it would be even better if I left another second or two of the original music at the beginning. Oh well, next time. Next week is going to be a living hell- calling it now. Midterms are a terrible idea- 25% of your grade in one test? Nothing intimidating. Nope. NBD.


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