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Okay audio week was a thing. I did Daily Creates, an audio reflection, a sound effects story, a radio bumper, radio show brainstorming, and a soundboard conversaton. I also commented on two blogs, and did some tweeting.

Audio week wasn’t too bad. I was lucky enough to know some of the basics of Audacity, though I was too stubborn to look up tutorials so most of what I ended up doing was just experimenting with the various effects until I got something I liked. That probably wasn’t the best way to go about things, but it worked well enough and I was able to get pretty good results. I read Radio Noir in the USA, and while it was interesting, I wasn’t really sure how to tie it in anywhere. It mostly compared the film and radio versions of several storied and detailed the financial benefits of releasing a radio play of a film. It was cool to be able to listen to a Lux Theatre show, though, and really see what they meant by the studio audience participating. It definitely gave an intimacy to the actors that would have been difficult to find elsewhere. Really shows where these celebrity endorsements got their start. I look forward to designing next week- I’ll be going home to my costume studio so I may make an appearance as Delia. Semi-appearance, at least, as I don’t have a sultry chanteuse voice without editing. Also I’m not very good with accents. Oh well, we’ll see.

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