Hello, lovelies. It’s been a hectic week. Let’s run through everything, shall we?

Introduction and Final Choice


Gone In An Instant

Introductory-level Delia

How To Be Sexy

The Most Compelling Story Ever Told




My biggest concern this week would have to be the final project. Being in New Orleans, I’m pretty far away from everyone. I like working in strong groups, but it looks like everyone is already paired off. I tried to work with Donnie a while ago, but that fell through because we didn’t have enough people. I’m just worried that that’s what will happen again. I can go solo, of course. But what would people rather listen to- a lone singer, or a five-piece band? I’ll keep my chin up. I’m sure someone out there will want me.

Love always,


2 comments on “WEEK 10- SOLITUDE

  1. I really like how you organize everything. I never thought to do it like that- very motivating. I also love your signature at the end!

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