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I would have to say that this bootcamp week wasn’t too rough. I already had twitter, wordpress, and soundcloud accounts. Flickr and gravatar were easy to join and operate, though YouTube was a headache. I had to go through and validate 3 different emails before I could do anything. The biggest headache I had was recording, editing, and uploading my introduction video. The first recording was on photobooth and I didn’t know how to export and transfer the file to iMovie. Yes, I’m aware that this is possible, but I didn’t know how to do it at the time. So, I rerecorded my introduction on iMovie and cut it together. This was rough- I could never get the jump cuts tight enough, so there were about 15 seconds of awkward silence and stammering in the video. My lovely film-editor boyfriend came over and showed me how to enlarge the clips and show the audio, and within 20 minutes I had a painfully cringy video replaced with a shorter, more polished one.

As fas as noir goes, I’m actually a fan of the “modern noir” genre. I’m a regular subscriber of Welcome to Night Vale, and years ago I followed the webcomic Problem Sleuth- a subversion of the text game and noir genres. I submitted Gone Girl as my more serious noir example, and PS as a bonus. I’ve also gone through the Amazon Prime list of noir films, and I’m excited to peruse those titles. Personally, I love the visual decadence of scenic and character designs in noir.

So much lipstick.


  1. I also agreed that Gone Girl was a form of modern noir! I had only just began to learn about noir the night i saw it for the first time, but the distorted view of time, some of the shadowing and low lighting effects, and just the confusion of who actually dunnit was as suspenseful and ominous as some of the film noir I researched!

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