Vixen’s Ventures!

Not dentures. 

This week was big for the radio show. I finished writing it on Tuesday, and we all met on Thursday to record it. Amy had edited the script a bit to make it flow better. We were a bit worried because campus was closed, but the vocal studio was still open. Unfortunately, we couldn’t check out any high-quality microphones. We ended up just using the mic in iPhone earbuds, and we got pretty good quality from that. We read out lines multiple times in order to get the best take, including several eardrum-shattering screams from yours truly. Peter also sent me his lines on Thursday. We decided to break up the audio editing the following ways: Geyore would do a rough cut of Acts 1 and 2, Leanna would edit 3 and 4. Then, she will send them to me and I will do pitch changes and noise removal, and also I’ll add Peter’s lines. Then, I’ll send it all to Amy who will add commercials, bumpers, and music. The final product will be put up on SoundCloud on Sunday and will be available for download.

Here’s me screaming if you’re interested



  1. Haha put a “WARNING – do not wear ear buds during this audio clip” lol ouch…

  2. Jonathan Polson
    March 1, 2015 - 12:35 am

    I like the way you split up duties in your group so that each person had an equal amount to do while also getting a chance to try different editing techniques. It definitely makes sense for everyone to try their hand at editing. I also think it was really smart that you did various takes for each line. That’s definitely time consuming, but totally worth it in the end. Sounds like it’ll be a great show!

  3. Aubrey Howland
    March 1, 2015 - 9:03 pm

    yeah the warning was definitely helpful, but that was still a piercing scream without them! my ears! lol

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