Vignelli sounds like a pasta

The concepts in this booklet were fine, but it greatly suffers in mistranslation. This book was not meant to be read on a screen, but rather on paper; felt between the fingertips. It is formatted for this as well. I found it difficult to get through the text and stay engaged because of this. The grid and margins were set up in order to provide white space and ample room for the fingers to hold the booklet without blocking the text. The lines were spaced closely together, and the font size was not adjusted for computer screens.

In print, a font of 11-14 t font is accepted. However, when reading from a screen, a minimum of 15pt is necessary due to the intrinsic distance between the eye and the object. Also, the lack of indentations or spacing cause the eye to jump around the body of the text. This makes it difficult for the reader to focus on the content. When a block of text looks uniform, the eye has nowhere to ground it between lines, causing the reader to get frustrated as they reread the same passages. This is an easy fix.

What’s easier to read? This:

Or this?


White space, Vignelli. It’s all about the white space.

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