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pure happiness <3 <3

Pure happiness <3 <3

This is Kristi. She is a great love of mine, one of my best friends, and a beautiful person. She goes to school in New York and spends most of her breaks in Bermuda, so we haven’t seen each other in far too long. We met in fourth grade in Ms. Lewis’s class after I left Ms. Miller’s class, and we sat near each other. I remember she always wore matching tracksuits and scrunchies, which was super weird. We became fast friends, and remained friends through high school. Unfortunately, in college, our schedules are horrible. She became a club leader, socialite, and got herself a boyfriend while I joined low-key clubs and time consuming classes (cough cough)

She’s on Spring Break, though, and is staying with me until tomorrow evening! I’m so so happy right now. I asked her to take a selfie and I edited it in picmonkey using all of the shitty filters and fun colors to express my happiness. I had some free time because Kristi was occupied with the Bae. Tomorrow morning, my boyfriend is coming and all three of us are going to go on adventures. All of my Thursday classes were canceled, the forecast is good, and I’ll be surrounded by my favorite people. This is where people say #blessed.

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  1. #blessed indeed! all the colors and sparkles galore certainly encapsulate the happiness she brings you, and i can see why she makes you so happy just from that infectious smile! so happy that you got to take the time for your dear dear friend 🙂

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