I didn’t know what this show was getting into it. Maybe it was a noir script with D&D themes? A D&D style noir mystery? It ended up being a group having a game of D&D using their noir characters and progressing through a murder mystery. 

Things That Worked Well

The energy was there. It was clear that all parties involved were having a great time with their friends. The dungeonmaster was wonderful- he had a very clear voice and brought humor into the game. The jokes about Burtice the dwarf were hilarious, and lines such as “You now realize that you have a healing potion in your pocket” when HP was getting low kept the humor and the game going. The commercials were very well done as well, and I loved that they tied back in to the greater story.

Things that Didn’t Work So Well

The biggest issue I had with Noir D&D was the fact that they used two sound clips and looped them. This wouldn’t have been an issue if it was a seamless loop, like in videogames, but the battle music in particular had moments of silence that I noticed and that became distracting as the battle wore on. Also, in the beginning there were some volume issues. The dungeonmaster was loud and easy to understand, but the players were muffled by the background music. This was corrected as the recording went on, though. myself and several others found it difficult to keep up with the plot of what was going on- there were many voices all at once, and while the DM describing actions did help, the battle in particular had me lost in several places. Lastly, there were no transitions in between the game and the commercials and bumpers.

What Could Be Done to Improve

Don’t change the dungeonmaster or the cast. This is the gold. Many issues could be fixed with more planning- the DM could plan breaks for commercials, whoever edits audio could keep the chosen music on a loop while they do normal work to see the effect is has, and the plot parts could be scripted as they do not impact the gameplay. This would allow the plot to be more streamlined and easy to understand.

Overall, I enjoyed this radio show. It had good heart and has great potential- I’m glad that they’re continuing to make episodes. With some more editing, this could be a captivating story.

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