Is there a pattern?

I decided to do a bit more DS106ing over break since I can’t get these videos out of my head. Here are the titles referenced in Black’s second video DO NOT TRUST ANYONE

Strangers on a train

Gun Crazy

Mildred Pierce

Kiss Me Deadly

The Set-Up

Little Caesar

Dark Passage

The Big Sleep

Lady In The Lake

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep

[That sounds like a cheap novelty]

The Third Man

Double Indemnity



The Big Steal


Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

It’s a Bitter Little World

Out Of The Past

Out Of The Past

Out Of The Past


One thing I noticed is that I couldn’t find the movie from “Do you fall in love with all your clients?”. It’s from Lady In The Lake and the response is “only the ones in skirts”. There don’t seem to be any other call and response quotes in the two videos, but it did strike me as odd. I can transcribe each of them if people are interested. I’ll probably transcribe them anyway.


  1. Megan Rosengrant
    March 10, 2015 - 9:09 pm

    Man, I’m really impressed that you did more s106-ing over break!! They weren’t kidding when they talk about #4life!!

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