I did the PSA assignment for 5 stars. Unfortunately, Spencer and I couldn’t find a third person to make a group, but that’s life. Here, I tried to do a continuation of my previous video with Sarah Mustard and Delia. I tried to keep Sarah’s deadpan voice. I thought that if Sarah put out a warning to the horrendous banana thieves, it might go like this. That’s a lie, I’m just using Sarah to tell bad jokes. Sarah is actually me. I am the bad jokes.

This assignment wasn’t difficult, but it was very time consuming. It took me about two hours just to find and download good stock images and videos. Speaking of:

Bananas Foster

Ripening Banana


Banana Image


Thumbs Up

The rest was me and my face, so I’m assuming I can use that royalty-free. The music was Three Pointer Long in iMovie. I downloaded the videos using a converter. It didn’t give me any trouble. I then just cut the parts that I wanted, put them in a rough order, did a rough script, and did a voiceover to the video. I sped up some clips in order to make them match the script and the timing. And as always, exporting took forever.

Also, PS: All of my videos are unlisted so unless you go through here or save the link, you won’t see them ever.

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