A quick little video that I put together for this 4.5 banana assignment. I definitely didn’t do multiple takes or edit the video in any way. Nope, just all me and my raw talent. One hundred percent.

Anyway- let’s not talk about the video for now. How are you doing? Are you eating enough? Where’s that lovely hunter green jacket you had earlier? Don’t tell me you’ve lost it already. You know, you really should be more responsible.

I had just finished recording the interview that B&B&B&G asked me for, when I realized that I hadn’t introduced myself! I talked for nearly half an hour all about my roots, my likes and dislikes, and who I am as a person! I then put this into iMovie, cut and shortened everything, leaving only a little information to be mysterious. Did it work? I’m mysterious, right?

I then added some music and transitions to make it better. I don’t really know where those last few clips came from- I don’t remember doing any of it, but there are videos…

Love always,


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