I’m currently writing this while on break on my boyfriend’s computer. It’s been hailing. I am iced in. Trapped. Nowhere to run. I also have no records of my comments this week so I’ll edit those in tomorrow. (Hint, I’ve been slacking this week)

So this week was big for the radio show– there was a bit of a delay in getting it to me but in the end I was able to send it off to Amy. I ended up rerecording some of my lines because the audio got weird. Unfortunately, the audacity files we were working on in the lab couldn’t be exported so we had to send everything in mp3 format between ourselves. While I did two TDCs, I can’t upload them since I am TRAPPED IN AN ICE STORM without my computer or passwords. I also did 6 comments. Yeah, I know, dropped the ball.

However, I did try to decode Black’s video. I was planning on doing the other one before I got iced in. Overall, this week I was a hot mess in between radio show and midterms. I was planning on redeeming myself today by being super awesome and making a cool trailer and commenting, but again – ICE.

I get a feeling that things won’t be the same once we get back from break, though, if Black’s videos are any indication. And what was up with Bond’s most recent video? Why haven’t Burtis and Groom updated recently? Something strange is going on, and it all goes back to that dutch oven…

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