I was inspired by this awful tutorial from some year that doesn’t even exist yet to make my own makeup tutorial for 5 bananas. (No black eyeliner? Come on.) ((OOC: wear headphones, there’s language))

I took a video of myself getting into hair and makeup, as if I were going onstage. I then had to cut and clip it left and right! This was real hard because the original video was almost 45 minutes long! I sped up the long parts to make the video flow better. I then wrote a voiceover and recorded it, before matching up the descriptions with the words. I looked through my records to see what I had, and I found Letting My Heart Speak by NicolArmarfi for Katawa Shoujo! It was very loud, though, so I took it to 10% volume.

This video sure was a lot of work! I think that including everything, I spent a bit more than 3 hours putting it together, not including upload time. Oh well. It’s always worth the effort to teach my lovelies how to apply their makeup!

Love always,1357720572515719230315

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