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He’s a bad boy

I did the theme song assignment for 4 stars. I created a theme song for Delia by combining major ideas about her- The piano prelude sets a tone, and of course the lovely Ella Fitzgerald pining and lamenting love. She sings to her audience, telling them to drink and enjoy themselves as she waits. The record scratches, going into a very lively electro-swing song that shows more of what Delia is like on the inside- fun and adventurous. I chose all of these songs because they were in a similar key, and could easily fit into Delia’s life- lounge singing and craving a bad boy to take her on an adventure

For this, I mashed up three songs- A Cruel Angel’s Thesis, Angel Eyes, and Bad Boy Good Man. I also added a record scratch effect. Most of the work done here was in editing the music itself. Cruel Angel’s Thesis was pitched down to Dmin to fit the other two songs, I also only used the intro of this. I cut several verses of Angel Tears together and distorted the audio a bit. Then, I added the record scratch to transition into Bad Boy. I had to negatively amplify this so it wouldn’t be painful to the ears. For Bad Boy, I actually cut together three different parts of the song to make one snippet. I had to slow the tempo of the final fade out because it was too abrupt. Overall, I’m pleased with how this turned out.

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