Everyone gathers around a punch bowl and doesn’t know what to say

It’s been a rough week. Midterms are coming up, housing agreements are due, hallmates are rude, and this radio show is a thing.

so done

The first step was to get a group together. I already knew Leanna, so I texted her up to join me. We also grabbed Amy over twitter, and Geyore came in as well. We messaged each other over twitter in order to set a time to meet. We decided that we would have a satirical noir show, and we would meet Saturday afternoon. Our schedules are all extremely different. I tried to lead the discussion and I was the one with most of the ideas, so I’m the one writing the script. Everyone can view and edit it though. Leanna and Geyore are scouting music and sound effects, and everyone is working on bumpers and commercials while I write. We’re all on a googledoc that’s shared with Bond, Burtis, and Groom. Since we have no male voices, I’ve asked my boyfriend to be our John Brown. He’ll send me his audio files after the script is done. We’re hoping to do our recording in the audio center of the ITTC so that the audio quality is the same. Also, I’m the narrator because I have a radio voice according to my group members. I just can’t wait for spring break so I can take a much-needed bath.

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  1. I hope your week goes better this up & coming week. That is pretty good that you can get your boyfriend to help. I normally have my daughter help stuff.
    Good luck.

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