Get A Clue Review

Yes, it’s late. Hush.

Get A Clue was a very well put-together show. What immediately stood out to me was the way the show was put together- it was told through a series of monologues from the perspectives of different characters.

Each of the characters had a unique voice that was due to the group’s writing strategy. They each wrote and recorded a monologue for their character that discussed the murder of a hungry ladies man. I just imagined him as Ron Swanson.

The writing is really what stood out the most to me, which is good. The sound effects and background music didn’t detract at all from the message as a whole, and I wasn’t distracted by odd noises. Well done.


  1. I’m with you on this, there approach to writing monologues for each of their characters in their own voices made this show. It was a simple, yet brilliant strategy. it also took advantage of the monologue, which is a noir staple.

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