Dumb Starbucks and weird kissing

Most of my copyright knowledge comes from videos being taken down due to copyright infringement. I remember when this was a huge issue on Youtube and massive amounts of videos were removed- suddenly the whole community became aware of copyright laws and fair use policies. This was around middle school. In high school, we had an honor system and quickly learned how to use plagiarism checks in order to make sure that we were within normal parameters. Of course, because everything has already been said, ~20% plagiarized was pretty good. This leads in to my next point:


“But Lesya, how can this be? Starbucks is copyrighted!”

“Yes, but notice the dumb. Parody laws.”

Weird Al is also a wonderful thing that exists because of parody laws. Where would the world be without White & Nerdy? Certainly a world I wouldn’t want to live in.

While copyright is definitely important for the creator, I believe that the rights should stay within the creator and their family. If they work for a large corporation, then they can license their copyright to them. That way, everyone wins and Disney can’t claim Snow White for 180 years. Because, let’s be honest- public domain books are pretty great. You can read everything every written by Jane Austen for free.

When I look for images to use and insert on my blog, I use public domain or appropriately licensed images. You can do this in image search by selecting Search Tools >> Usage Rights and selecting whatever you’re using it for- commercial, noncommercial, modification, etc.

The copyright readings actually reminded me a lot of Net neutrality- both could be abused in order to stifle creativity and leave entertainment and culture in the hands of large companies. The internet has opened the channels of creativity to anyone who has access to a connected computer- aka, anyone with a public library. This allows for immense data sharing and cultural evolution, though it also creates privacy concerns and doxxing vulnerability.

Fair use and the public domain are essential for a useful internet, for beautiful things such as parodies.

Like that one.

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