French creole, tall, average build. Conventionally attractive, but not anything out of the ordinary. Long black hair, deep set green eyes, a small gap between her front teeth. Enjoys wearing a full face of makeup. When singing, she wears a stereotypical long dress with a slit up the sides and elbow-length gloves.

Born April 13, 1936 in Louisiana, Delia LaSalle is a lounge singer and small-time voice actress. She is unmarried with no children.

Delia grew up surrounded by sounds. Saxophone players in the street, jazz in the air, but most importantly, radio plays. She admired the hard-boiled detectives and their ladies, to the point of idolatry. When she was 8, she decided that she would make her life as close to these stories as possible. She studied music and became a lounge singer, hoping to rub elbows with the detectives and criminals she had heard of.

Unfortunately, she’s a terrible femme fatale.

Delia is extremely forgetful. She drinks apple juice in a scotch glass because she doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, and carries a cigarette holder with candy cigarettes. She has an incredible sweet tooth and prefers to eat dessert before the entree. Her jobs bring in a decent income, but she can’t afford unnecessary luxuries. She isn’t hysterical enough to be a nervous broad, collected enough to be a mysterious woman, or rich enough to be anyone else. She lives her life trying hard to be something she isn’t, and ends up stumbling over herself.

Her talents include cooking, singing, and making uncomfortable comments. Her favorite meal is bananas foster with coffee. She enjoys listening to the radio, reading A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, or watching The Lady from Shanghai.

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  1. I love the way you buck the trend of the traditional noir character. Delia has a tremendous amount of potential, and the way you worked in her environs, namely Louisiana—is it New Orleans—seems to ground her even more for me.Funny how much a particular place or region helps define a person. It actually makes me think about how a place like California, LA in particular, depends on just the opposite. One of the themes that comes up again and again in LA noir.

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