I made a business card for 2 stars. I thought I could make a calling card for Delia, since she would be using these in order to get her name out and possibly get into some trouble. I found inspiration in Mary Lou Williams’ business card because of its beauty and simplicity. I also added contact information and Delia’s skill set in order to look more like a business card. The line breaks were a common feature in old business cards, so I added them in as well.

The first thing I did was figure out Delia’s signature. Because I don’t have a fountain pen,  I gave it the ol’ college try and thinned my gel eyeliner for ink, using a detail brush to paint. It actually went pretty okay. I distressed an index card with a knife to roughen the edges and then tea-stained it in order to make it appear aged. I let this dry, and then wrote on the card. I think this went pretty well, I’m happy with how it turned out. My major concern was making the card look worn and distressed, and I think I accomplished that.

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