I made a new bumper for 2.5 stars because I wanted to improve upon my first one. I tried to give it the same sort of glitchy feeling, but I also used radio static to feel more natural. This way, it’s useable for old-timey or modern shows. I felt that my first attempt layered the music awkwardly. This uses some jazz music from Red Velvet by NicolArmafi and radio static as well as glitched audio samples.

I downloaded the glitch and static, cut them down, recorded my voice a few times, and then eyeballed it. (earballed?) I used some fades in the beginning and end, along with some amplification. I condensed and normalized the static, and made sure to leave a little overlap in between the sounds. I like this bumper much better than the first one I did, I think my ear has gotten better as well. I think this will work well in The Alpaca’s radio show.

5 comments on “Bumper to Bumper

  1. I really like the spin! It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be and that was really cool to hear! If I heard it on the radio I would definitely keep listening!

  2. Great idea to use varying static! It worked very well and, like Erin, I liked how it went back to the nice, slightly jazzy song. It was a great idea to have this available to old and new shows because of how different statics/sounds were incorporated. I also love the name of your radio show :).

  3. Really great idea! It has really nice transition. Starting with drum and jazzy sound and ending with piano! Between them lots of things are going on so it is not boring but interesting. Makes me to keep listening radio! 🙂

  4. Cool idea. I like how you were able to add a lot of different sounds and made it very exciting to listen. The transitions between sounds was very well done. This has to be one of my favorite bumpers I have listen to so far!

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