Here are the transcriptions from both Black videos and their movies.

???: I want you to do something. I want you to get out of bed, Get over to the window, and scream as loud as you can. Otherwise, you’ll only have another three minutes left to live.

The Dark Corner: How I detest the dawn. The grass always looks like it’s been left out all night.

Brute Force: Those gates only open three times. When you come in, when you’ve served your time, or when you’re dead.

Strangers on a Train:I do your murder, you do mine. Criss-cross.

Touch of Evil: I didn’t recognize you. you should lay off those candy bars.

The Asphalt Jungle: Experience has taught me never to trust a policeman. Just when you think one’s alright, he turns legit.

This Gun for Hire: What’s the matter? You look like you’ve been on a hayride with Dracula.

Blue Dahlia: You oughta have more sense than to take chances with strangers like this.  -It’s funny, but practically all the people I know were strangers when I met them.

Suspicion: Well, well. You’re the first woman I’ve met who said yes when she meant yes.

Gun Crazy: Honey, I’ll make money like you want me to- big money. But it takes time, you gotta give me time.

Mildred Pierce: You think just because you made a little money you can get a new hairdo and some expensive clothes and turn yourself into a lady. But you can’t, because you’ll never be anything but a common frump whose father lived over a grocery store and whose mother took in washing.

Mildred Pierce: Personally, she’s convinced me that alligators have the right idea. They eat their young.

Pickup on South Street: You’ll always be a two bit cannon and when they pick you up in the gutter dead, your hand’ll be in a drunk’s pocket.

Kiss Me Deadly:You’re never around when I need you <- REPEATED IN VIDEO 2

Lady in the Lake: Do you fall in love with all your clients? (Call and answer in 2)

The Long Goodbye: I tell you what we’re gonna do, Marlboro. You’re gonna take that goddamn J.C. Penney tie off and we’re gonna have an old fashioned man to man drinking party.

The Big Sleep: Well, I can’t tell till I’ve seen you over a distance of ground. You’ve got a touch of class, but I don’t know how, how far you can go.

Detour: That’s life. Whichever way you turn, fate sticks a foot out to trip you.

The Maltese Falcon: Keep on riding me. They’re going to be picking iron out of your liver.

Murder, My Sweet: I caught the blackjack right behind my ear. A black pool opened up at my feet. I dived in. It had no bottom

The Big Steal: What I like about you is you’re rock bottom. I wouldn’t expect you to understand this, but it’s a great comfort for a girl to know she could not possibly sink any lower.

Strangers on a Train: I could be framed easier than Whistler’s mother. She was a tramp. Poor, unfortunate girl. From what I hear-

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Strangers on a Train-She pursued it in all directions.

Gun Crazy: Come on, read my future.

Mildred Pierce: What do you mean?- I saw the two of you. The way you were looking at each other tonight. Like a couple of wild animals- almost scared. -I wish I could get that interested in work.

Kiss Me Deadly: You’re never around when I need you.

The Set-Up: Top spot is one punch away. (Yeah, top spot. And I’m just one punch away.)- I remember the first time you told me that. You were just one punch away from the title shot then. Don’t you see, you’ll always be just one punch away

Little Caesar: Mother of God- it this the end?

Dark Passage: Ever see any botched plastic jobs? If a man like me didn’t like a fellow… he could surely fix him up for life. Make him look like a bulldog, or a monkey. I’ll make you look as if you’ve lived.

The Big Sleep: I’d like to say you don’t like to be rated. You like to come out in front, open up a lead, take a little breather in the back stretch, and, then, come home free

Lady In The Lake: Only the ones in skirts

The Big Sleep:A lot deeds on who’s in the saddle

The Big Sleep: She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up

???: That sounds like a cheap novelty

The Third Man: Don’t be so gloomy. After all, it’s not that awful.

Double Indemnity: Suppose I let you off with a warning this time?- Suppose I whack you over the knuckles!

Casablanca: I was misinformed (spooky cat eye glare here)

Casablanca: This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The Big Steal: Don’t change your habits on my account.

Champion: Oh, this rotten business. –Awww, lay off the business. It’s like any other business, only here the blood shows.

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid: If you need me, just call. You know how to dial, don’t you? You just put your finger in the hole and make tiny little circles.

It’s a Bitter Little World: A friend of mine will be stopping by tomorrow and leaving a bundle for me. He’s a cop.

Out of the Past: It was the bottom of the barrel, and I was scraping it.

Out of the Past: She can’t be all that bad. No one is.

Out of the Past: He couldn’t find a prayer in the bible!

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  1. This is awesome work. I recognized some of the quotes, but not as many as I should have.
    Any idea as to what it all means?

    1. Clearly Black or Jack are trying to communicate through these videos. Whether it’s a warning, a ransom note, or just a statement, I don’t know. I believe that the same person was behind the Noircat appearance, due to the cat video footage. One thing is for sure- this isn’t the last we’ve heard from them.

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