I’ve decided to open my own business! Folks around these parts can be so untrustworthy. I bought a record deal with Legitimate Company Not A Scam over six months ago and no dice! Where’s my record? Gone with the wind. 

First, I had to draft my own resume. This was easy enough, using a free service. The server is currently down, unfortunately. I just had to pick a design and put all of my skills in! I’m very talented, I hope you read it.

I then set up a website for Stirrup Trouble and began sifting through the resumes that came in. I decided to hire Donnie Rawlen and Delilah Valentine because they were the only ones who applied most qualified. In order to make myself seem more accessible, I created a pinterest board so that they could get to know me a little bit better.

I will primarily be using the agency website for my worldly communications. There are important matters that I must attend to. But fear not, lovelies- I’ll still check in here to let you know what I’m doing.

Love always,


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