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When Facebook Faces You

It’s funny how looking at Selfies makes you look at yourself. Unfortunately, I had to block several people on Facebook before writing this due to non-selfie related reasons. Today, I learned that social media can be an effective cardio workout, really gets the heart rate up. The things that you put out there represent who you are as a person, always be mindful of that.

In order to explore selfies more in depth, I put up an album called “Battle of the Selfies” and invited my friends to discuss them and vote for their favorites. For convenience, I’ll refer to them as the titles I gave them here, based on what platform I would share them. All of these are natural selfies, meaning that I didn’t take them for this module. Simply photos that I had already put out in some way.

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After watching this TedX talk, I made several hypotheses: Instagram would be the most well-liked because it was feminine and non-aggressive, while being high-quality. Tumblr would be the least liked because it is not an aesthetic I usually wear, as well as having harsh lighting. Let’s break down the results.


12 likes: 11F 1M

“Makes me think that you know where you’re going and what you want”

“You look super put together, and professional, and look like you would be an intelligent/eloquent/intersting [sic] person! This is super classy. This my fav btw”

“I really like this one because it is what I call a “model shot”. It looks like if you touched it up it could go in a magazine and while your personality isn’t shown in the picture, your features are.”

“This one makes me feel.. Intimidated almost..?”

I was fairly surprised that this one wasn’t the crowd favorite, and even more surprised that I looked intimidating! I took this one after a haircut in order to use it as a profile picture. Here, I’m facing the side and looking away, so by all accounts this should read more “object” and “flirty” than intelligent and determined.


33 likes: 29F 3M 1 non-binary

The most common description in the comments was “happy” occurring 11 times in 23 comments.

“This one makes you look friendly and approachable”

“This one makes me think you are a very happy and outgoing person”

“you look so vibrant & happy & your hair accentuates the vibrancy(?)
sends out good vibes about you”

“This is just so exuberant and your personality really shines through! Your expression is lively and joyful. Your eyes make a connection with the viewer because you’re looking right into the camera, and also the lighting is really really good. The hair color is exciting and overall it’s really pretty and really lively and really YOU! <3


5 likes: 3F 2M

“Makes you look a bit silly, but sweet.”

“This one is silly, makes you seem really down to earth and fun”

“This actually reminds me of Peter [my SO] for some reason which in turn makes me think of you. You guys are adorable silly together and I love it”*

*I was surprised at this comment because I honestly have no idea how this relates to me and Peter? Other than it’s a photo with something other than me in it. Makes me wonder if people think of me as a “we”

And now, the ultimate dad joke from Peter’s dad: “MOOOve over!”


6 likes: 5F 1M

“Outfit on point, pose on point, hair on point, makes you look confident AF.”

“Least fav because while your outfit is perfect I can’t see your face. Plus I have a weird thing against mirror selfies.”

“This is my least favorite – when I ‘like’ selfies, I want to see a connection with the camera, rather than the subject composing the picture on their device”

“least fav for the reason cited above, looks like something i would send to a friend to have them comment on my outfit, not necessarily post on social media”

“v professional, i would hire you”


1 like: 1F

“Unless it’s for Halloween or something, I like this one the least because you look dead.”

“Looks like you had a good night and still feel fabulous.”

“This one is definitely my least favorite. The lighting is awkward and I’m sure this was for a character or for when you were doing rocky, but you just look really miserable and I want to take you out to get ice cream to make it better”

“You are correct to say she was pretty miserable!”


2 likes: 2F

“relaxed” x4

“Personally, I like this photo. Is it the most high quality picture? No. But does it show you relaxed and simply looking at the camera, close to your natural state? Yeah. And I think that’s pretty cool. It shows you when you’re relaxed.”

look relaxed,maybe even a little disappointed”

“Nothing wrong with this photo, it’s just you’re not wearing glasses and after a year of seeing you in glasses it’s throwing me off”

Grand Total

59 likes, 57 unique likes. 49f 7M 1 non-binary

~86% female participation, ~12.3% male, ~1.7%non-binary

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