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SO I mixed some music

First things first here’s my mashup

I even mashed up the two album covers. I would dare to call this

Interestingly enough, I ran into some trouble getting this online. I first tried to upload this on SoundCloud


I really appreciated having the option to dispute the claim, but in this case I used more than 15 seconds per song so it was better to take it. However, (clearly), Youtube saw no issues with it. Which is exciting considering I thought I would have to pitch it up/down in order to bypass the copyright blocks. But then that begs the questions- is working to get around copyright filters ethical? I think so, since this isn’t a straight rip. I did technically pirate the MP3 files, but I owned the CDs anyway so I didn’t see an issue.

The mashing up of songs itself wasn’t too difficult since I’ve done it before. The most difficult part was definitely choosing songs to mix. In the end, I decided on two similar-sounding Panic! songs. This is actually a more difficult kind of mix to do because it’s a call and response rather than vocals over instrumental. I did the remixed album cover in Gimp pretty easily, just three layers and some messing with the hue and saturation of the background. It exported a bit wonkily so there are jpeg artifacts, but let’s pretend that that’s new aesthetic.


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