dgst101, Selfies

Selfie Reflection

This week or so, I’ve achieved my goals of looking at my own selfies and their composition. I consider myself fairly cognizant of my image, so it was more a matter of confirmation and analysis than knowledge. I read several articles shared in Slack and on the suggested readings list, watched a TedX talk, and did my own (not very scientific) experiment. My group had a succinct and organized presentation, which I see as a great accomplishment considering presentations have run over each time.

As far as discovery goes, I was fairly surprised at how few references were available on the module page. Once we can edit the pages, I’ll add my own sources in. I would have liked to talk more about selfies and gender, but that’s something that the next crop can look at. I’ve kept an involved written record this module, and I’ll leave the links here as an archive:

Prelude to a Selfie

When Facebook Faces You

When the Heart Guides the Hand

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