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Prelude to a Selfie

Before I ventured into the Selfie module, I wanted to look at what I had already put out on social media. That was when I realized that I really don’t post selfies. The pictures that I do post are usually taken by other people, selfies with my boyfriend, or photos of food that I’ve cooked/baked/devoured. So, I was able to go through every selfie I had ever posted. The total number after a decade on the internet? Under 50. I also noticed trends based on when they were taken and where they were posted. For example:


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Here we see baby Lesya, ages 14-16 in the cosplay community. Naturally, I posted cosplay selfies and progress pics with funny faces.


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I’ve had and used Facebook since 8th grade or so, but I didn’t start posting selfies until just a few years ago. In fact, most of the photos of me were posted by other people. What selfies I do have were put up for a specific reason, like showing off my hair/makeup or an event. Right now, most of my photos are from a recent couples photoshoot my SO and I had done for our 5th anniversary.

I’ve noticed that on Facebook, I get the most likes for couples photos and good haircuts. My top 3 most liked photos in order:

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Out of curiosity, I compared the number of likes of my most popular photos to a high school classmate who has gotten married, had a child, and announced her second pregnancy this year. Interestingly, though she has had more meaningful life milestones and we have similar numbers of FB friends, my photos and posts have more likes than hers. My reasoning for this is that when she posts, she does it in large spurts, causing the likes to be more spread out. That, and I’m sure there are a large number of people who disapprove of her life choices.

This leads me to my goals for this module. Over the next ten days or so, I want to really look into what the selfies we take say about ourselves. This includes looking at the selfies themselves, finding components in them that make them “successful”, as well as what they mean. Are they symbols of vanity and narcissism, or self-love and confidence? When did selfies begin- with the front-facing camera or with cave drawings? I plan to continue blogging as I explore these ideas more in depth.

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