Grab the White-Out

Responsibilities don’t exist when it’s cold outside, right?

This is the fourth time I’ve remade my website in accordance with a class. As you see, I have a static “About Me” page up now, when I previously had my posts in reverse-chronological order. I prefer to use categories rather than subdomains on my website because it allows me to keep everything accessible and easily organized, and it’s a system I understand. As I wrote in my digital identity analysis, I’m not very concerned with my digital footprint right now as I expect to change my name within the next several years.

Setting up this blog was easier than previous iterations- I knew exactly what I was looking for. Simple, not photo-oriented, with a sidebar, top navigation, and a static page. The 2016 theme worked well for me, I just changed around the colors and some navigation menus. Previous themes I’ve used include Contango and Finch, which I definitely recommend.

The greatest challenges that I have had are updating my numerous plugins (jetpack is bae) and reaching my storage limits. I deleted all but the most recent backup, as well as some older images. Right now, I have everything broken up by class. I also use this page as a living CV, which I update periodically. I imagine that once I graduate, I’ll just download the best material onto my computer and let the domain name lapse before getting a new one.

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