Digital History

Yeah, websites are cool and all

I found that in searchingI liked the projects that were more interactive such as the Emilie Davis Diaries and the First Days Project. There were engaging reads, such as Black Perspectives and History of the National Mall. I found that I could appreciate the detail in something like The Great Molasses Flood, but the event itself and other representations were more interesting to me than the close reading of the paper. Some websites were easier to navigate thanks to their design- First Days in particular comes to mind as very natural. Unfortunately, I can’t see very much of what would work in the James Monroe museum project. Maybe an Omeka site like the History of the National Mall would work to host the videos and tour? But, more than likely it would just cause issues when trying to integrate it with the existing website or something would break along the way. I honestly don’t see much useful in these tools.

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