Digital History

Updates and Challenges

This week, we submitted the draft of our contract. Our challenges with that seem to be specificity, we need to add much more detail to what we will be doing and how we will be doing it. As far as the project itself, we weren’t able to get a 360 camera from where we thought. To our knowledge, the only 360 camera that we can use is from the art department, so Kelly will be getting trained in that now. On the bright side, we can get started on filming and editing artifact videos next week. We’ve been able to find great resources for creating virtual tours, courtesy of Google, and we’ve been in contact with Jarod about scheduling.

On a personal note, my blog is seriously broken. I tried to update the site, and thankfully I had a backup because that’s what I’m working off of now. One of my goals before next class is to get my blog updated and functioning again.

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