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Tool Roundup Part 2

Alright let’s get this done:

I’ve worked with both StorymapJS and TimelineJS before, and they’re fine. TimelineJS is clunky to learn but after trying it out once or twice it’s easily workable. For the James Monroe Museum, I could see using either Storymap or Timeline in order to create an interactive timeline of the Biography room. Honestly, I was more excited about using Soundcite and Aurasma/HP Reveal in order to bring keystone exhibits such as the piano forte and the Monroe desk to shine.

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As for Aurasma, hopefully if you focus on this picture you will be greeted with a woman singing.

Aurasma seems more hit or miss, as I haven’t been able to get my friends’ phones to find it. This would be absolutely AMAZING for the museum, but again, it needs more working out. So far, everything is fine on the creation end, but being easily discoverable is something else entirely.

3 comments on “Tool Roundup Part 2

  1. Leysa,

    I like the simplicity of your site! On a more specific note, I really liked your hook “Tool Roundup Part 2.” It was this title that intrigued me and had me looking at your site. I am glad that you tried Aurasma. I am not that adventurous.

  2. Aurasma is super intriguing to me since I don’t fully understand it. I agree in that it would be an awesome addition for your museum project! Hopefully with some practice and fine tuning it’ll hopefully work out better for you!

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