Digital History

The internet just keeps happening

I think that the simplest way to describe the changes in digital history over the last 20 years can be summed up in one sentence: “‘Web Site Reviews’ first appeared in the June 2001 issue of the Journal of American History and became ‘Digital History Reviews’ in the September 2013 issue”.

The trend has been one of open accessibility. JSTOR, search functions, collaboration all play into the innovative capabilities of digital history. As stated by Blevins, digital history should shift to the implementation of history rather than restating it. Dr. McClurken’s article and guidelines also describe the importance of analysis and scholarly review. Primary resources are more available, but there are also more non-scholarly articles available. Students have to be specifically instructed in navigating digital history sources, which is a skill specific to the digital era.  The public also has access to greater information, equalizing the field and removing some barriers to learning.

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