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Prepare to learn a lot about 360 hotspots

SO if you’re not HIP and IN THE KNOW, the James Monroe group is creating a 360 video tour, timeline, spotlight videos, QR codes, and website for the james monroe museum. my main job is figuring out the technology part of the 360 degree tour. Originally, we were going to use ThinkLink. It was super cool, great UI, easy learning curve, seemed perfect. Too good to be true, in fact. Over Spring Break I tried to work on the hotspots some more, but LO AND BEHOLD service was stopped because the free trial period ended. If I tried to do something or navigate somewhere other than the subscription and payment plan pages, I got hit with this lovely URL: .

Plans for businesses start at $20/mo. Plans for educators start at $120/yr. Neither were good or had guarantee of everything we were looking for. BUT!!! I may have found a saving grace on Tuesday.


It’s a free (really free, I read the Terms and Conditions this time) 360 image editor that lets you add interactive hotspots, with cool things like text, video, audio, and external links. And there are tutorials for everything. Here’s their sample video.

So, fingers crossed it works out! I’ve played around and it seems good. The next step is making it a real tour.

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