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Monroe Museum Week 2 Discussion

This week’s internet roundup was similar to last week’s for us. Our project seems relatively unique in that we won’t be categorizing artifacts or sorting through primary source data. In that, we found some common threads in the digital projects this week. The Lincoln website completely didn’t work, while the Residential Schools site was fluid and modern. The war memorials website was great if you were looking specifically for a name, but difficult to just browse around. The 9/11 repository did a good job on its videos, but uploading images, videos, and audio files directly to the site would burn a huge amount of space. There was one more site that Dr. McClurken linked in our Slack channel of another virtual tour. That one used image hotspots to turn images into links to 360 panoramas. This seems to be a good backup if the google tour has issues, like it did earlier. All in all, we don’t want things to be so complicated that they become dated, obsolete, or break entirely.

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