While at Maker Monday today, I met a few girls who were printing some trinkets and started up a pickup game of Claytionary, which we all made up on the spot. Here are the rules: Use a random noun generator for your topic. Skip names and things that are impossible to sculpt, such as colors. […]

Citations and other things

Putting the Gay in Games Shaw, A. “Putting the Gay in Games: Cultural Production and GLBT Content in Video Games.” Games and Culture 4.3 (2009): 228-53. Web. This article describes the difficulties that LGBT games have in hitting the market. We’re all familiar with the “Women’s Games” that are stereotypical and can be offensive. The […]

TF2: A different breed of Gentleman

In a mid-century midwestern battleground, RED and BLU fight for control. Unlike usual shooters, you can choose from offensive, defensive, and support classes with less-than-realistic actions. For example, the Engineer class can speed the creation of his machines by hitting them with a wrench. The object of the game differs depending on which platform you […]

There can only be Uno

So I did my game interviews on Uno, which was an experience. I remember playing it when I was a kid, which was always a fun time. (Also Maureen in ASL club let me borrow her deck, thanks gurl). I ended up being able to get my roommate, Hallie (who was in the documentary on […]

Technology is difficult

Ok. Here’s my interview with Dr Kilmartin, taken on 26 Sept. It’s a bit of a struggle to upload audio files, if anyone is trying to do that. I’m still not sure if this will work. PSA: This is about bisexuality and human sexuality, so it uses anatomical language. “Dr Kilmartin.” Personal interview. 26 Sept. […]


  Imagine you’re totally ripped. Abs of steel, regardless of gender or species. Totally classy Victorian clothing, only to be ripped off by your INTENSE FLEXING. How could you possibly become more gentile? By stacking hats and dodging flying obstacles such as birds and mugs of “rootbeer”. You know, the usual. The game has two […]


THE GAME FOR THE MANLIEST OF GENTLES As expected, the game is super fun. Though the controls kind of suck, it’s the design and the humor that got me coming back time and time again for a quick round at the bar. The silliness of what you’re doing takes attention away from the sometimes clumsy […]

Super Chaotic

From the beginning I knew that I wanted a game in the style of a visual novel. I’ve never liked intense gameplay, and I’ve been drawn to story over memorizing attacks. I think that VNs provide an immersive world because it takes root in your imagination. Everything is deeply personal, which also makes for a […]