Week 12- You’re killing me, smalls.

Stirrup Trouble got their first case this week. We spent the week gathering evidence by dividing and conquering. We split up the major players- BB&B among the three of us. I took on Burtis. Initially, I couldn’t get anything out of her. The preliminary evidence raised more questions than it answered. I gathered more evidence, […]

Week Whine

Two TDCs don’t deserve their own post. How conceited, TDCs. Video Picture I did a video essay for a movie. I also did a PSA and a Narrative. I reflected on Get A Clue and Vixen’s Ventures. 


I’m currently writing this while on break on my boyfriend’s computer. It’s been hailing. I am iced in. Trapped. Nowhere to run. I also have no records of my comments this week so I’ll edit those in tomorrow. (Hint, I’ve been slacking this week)


(ha ha ha ha ha) Okay audio week was a thing. I did Daily Creates, an audio reflection, a sound effects story, a radio bumper, radio show brainstorming, and a soundboard conversaton. I also commented on two blogs, and did some tweeting. Just watched @jimgroom 's video for week 4… really hoping he comes back […]