The poor post office

    Panel 1: Mail! Oh boy, I bet it’s from one of my friends- look at that cute envelope! Panel 2: Glitter… What did I ever do to them? The cute envelope was full of lies and falsehoods 🙁   In this three-star assignment, I was to show a change of emotion in two […]

It’s rude to snoop through a lady’s purse

How uncultured. Let’s begin with my beauty items- Powder Compact I sing under hot lights all night, I can’t look oily! I’m the backbone of the whole place, imagine if Frank Sinatra came in one night and saw me looking anything less than perfect? I would be ruined. Perfume Darlin’ if you’ve ever been backstage, you […]


To start us off, here are my daily creates: This week was really, really, really rough. I don’t like reading very much, and I especially hate reading when I dislike the characters. I also hate Hemingway. Honestly, the majority of my week was spent just trying to get through the literary tumors of this week’s readings (except for […]


Original assignment here   I am thankful for: Love Health School Pizza My fantastic art skills   (obviously) Honestly, I thought that this assignment would be easy to knock out. That was my main motivation. I mean- it takes 20 seconds max, right? I read through the tutorial/tips on the assignment page before actually doing […]

Bananas Foster, LaSalle style

Original assignment here Original recipe here Melt butter, low heat Two tablespoons unsalted Ten inch iron pan Quarter cup sugar, Brown, melts with spices on stove Allspice and nutmeg I like it “to taste”, But allspice and nutmeg ground Half spoon each is good One shot of liquor Banana, then simmer it. Cook two bananas […]

The Postman Hates The Milkman

Original assignment here We went a little way, and then she stopped. “Frank, I feel funny inside.” “Here, hold on to me.” “Oh, Frank. Maybe I strained myself, just then. Trying to keep my head up. So I wouldn’t gulp down the salt water.” “Take it easy.” “Wouldn’t that be awful? I’ve heard of women that […]

Delia LaSalle

  French creole, tall, average build. Conventionally attractive, but not anything out of the ordinary. Long black hair, deep set green eyes, a small gap between her front teeth. Enjoys wearing a full face of makeup. When singing, she wears a stereotypical long dress with a slit up the sides and elbow-length gloves. Born April […]


Dear god were this week’s readings painful. THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE: I hated everyone. I hated the disjointed writing style, the lack of imagery, the choppy dialogue, but most of all I hated the story itself. Cora is an ungrateful, unlikeable character who is matched perfectly with “trampy” Frank. In reality, they’re both asshats who […]


Daily Creates   I would have to say that this bootcamp week wasn’t too rough. I already had twitter, wordpress, and soundcloud accounts. Flickr and gravatar were easy to join and operate, though YouTube was a headache. I had to go through and validate 3 different emails before I could do anything. The biggest headache […]


My name is Lesya (pronounced like Liza) Hey, fair warning: I'm in an online class that requires me to tweet a LOT. #ds106 too bad there's no twitter savior — Lesya (@Plamkeen) January 13, 2015 Just moved back in, internet is up and running. Should I bump up from 25 mbits to 50? #ds106 — […]