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Ooh, scary tree.


The Most Compelling Story Ever Told.

I did the silent movie assignment for 4.5 bananas.  I had an old video of myself and Sarah Mustard that I thought would be very important for the deaf people of the wold to see, since they can’t hear. Nobody should be a victim of theft.

This was created using iMovie. I first took the clips that I wanted and put them in order. Then, I sped up the long ones. For the title cards, I found a public domain image and removed the text. The, I used Keynote to make the title cards. I screencapped these and saved them as images. Then, I put them into the movie and changed everything to black and white. I exported this so i could put more effects on. I added the Vignette effect to make it look older, and I added music (Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag. I used this recording because it sounded older.) and added the small room effect. overall, I’m happy with this. I think it gets the message across to everyone who should see it.


Love always,1357720572515719230315

New Week New Me

Hello, lovelies. As you might be able to tell, my page has gotten a facelift! I feel that this new layout suits me much better than that old, drab thing. So, today we say goodbye to the old

and hello to the new!


Also, I would just like to let everyone know that I plan on working in a group until the end of my time here. If you would like to join me, feel free~

Notorious(ly hungover)

Here’s my Notorious video essay. I watched all of the videos because they were only like 2-3 minutes long, and I picked Notorious because it was free. This video was very easy to put together. I downloaded a section of the movie using this converter, and then I recorded a voiceover. I added several freeze frames and clipped the audio to make it sound better.