Trampy Shadows

I did this Dramatic Reading Remix assignment for 3.5 stars. I found Chelsea Irizarry’s Shadow Theme Song and thought it sounded really cool. I decided to do a dramatic reading of Frank Sinatra’s The Lady is a Tramp, because I’ve established it as Delia’s favorite song. Dramatic readings are one of my favorite things- I have a special hat […]

Spam spam spam spam

This was a quick one-star assignment to read spam. I interpreted it in a different way- I read a SPAM radio ad from the ’50s instead. I found the ad here and thought what it would sound like if Delia read it- small-time voice actress and all. After I found the ad, I had to transcribe […]

What a tramp.

That’s why the lady is a tramp! For this 4 star assignment, I made a typographic poster of The Lady is a Tramp sung by Frank Sinatra and many others. I had already established that Delia idolized Frank in this post, and I thought that this song would be her favorite as it’s all about being exciting […]

Calling Cards… OF DOOM

  I made a business card for 2 stars. I thought I could make a calling card for Delia, since she would be using these in order to get her name out and possibly get into some trouble. I found inspiration in Mary Lou Williams’ business card because of its beauty and simplicity. I also added contact […]

A Lounge Exchange

  For 3.5 stars, my sound effect story takes place in Delia’s lounge. She is singing in the background as the listener hears two people have an exchange. The man comes in first, lights a cigarette and starts to drink. The woman follows shortly afterward, sees the man, sits beside him, and opens a briefcase. […]

It’s rude to snoop through a lady’s purse

How uncultured. Let’s begin with my beauty items- Powder Compact I sing under hot lights all night, I can’t look oily! I’m the backbone of the whole place, imagine if Frank Sinatra came in one night and saw me looking anything less than perfect? I would be ruined. Perfume Darlin’ if you’ve ever been backstage, you […]

Bananas Foster, LaSalle style

Original assignment here Original recipe here Melt butter, low heat Two tablespoons unsalted Ten inch iron pan Quarter cup sugar, Brown, melts with spices on stove Allspice and nutmeg I like it “to taste”, But allspice and nutmeg ground Half spoon each is good One shot of liquor Banana, then simmer it. Cook two bananas […]

Delia LaSalle

  French creole, tall, average build. Conventionally attractive, but not anything out of the ordinary. Long black hair, deep set green eyes, a small gap between her front teeth. Enjoys wearing a full face of makeup. When singing, she wears a stereotypical long dress with a slit up the sides and elbow-length gloves. Born April […]