First week with the team.

I’ve finally assembled my workforce. Donnie and Lilah should be great assets to me in this coming adventure. I wanted to start things off easy for them, just set up the public website and give them their first challenge. As many of you already know, my bananas were stolen several weeks ago under frightful circumstances. […]


Original assignment here   I am thankful for: Love Health School Pizza My fantastic art skills   (obviously) Honestly, I thought that this assignment would be easy to knock out. That was my main motivation. I mean- it takes 20 seconds max, right? I read through the tutorial/tips on the assignment page before actually doing […]

Bananas Foster, LaSalle style

Original assignment here Original recipe here Melt butter, low heat Two tablespoons unsalted Ten inch iron pan Quarter cup sugar, Brown, melts with spices on stove Allspice and nutmeg I like it “to taste”, But allspice and nutmeg ground Half spoon each is good One shot of liquor Banana, then simmer it. Cook two bananas […]

The Postman Hates The Milkman

Original assignment here We went a little way, and then she stopped. “Frank, I feel funny inside.” “Here, hold on to me.” “Oh, Frank. Maybe I strained myself, just then. Trying to keep my head up. So I wouldn’t gulp down the salt water.” “Take it easy.” “Wouldn’t that be awful? I’ve heard of women that […]