Prelude to a Selfie

Before I ventured into the Selfie module, I wanted to look at what I had already put out on social media. That was when I realized that I really don’t post selfies. The pictures that I do post are usually taken by other people, selfies with my boyfriend, or photos of food that I’ve cooked/baked/devoured. […]


We decided to create an emoji story to explain Neuromancer. Originally, I had wanted to create a short comedic video, but we decided that would take too long and be too difficult over the weekend. Here’s the final plot: Along with a character list, and some themes in the same format. I think that emojis […]

Existentialism, children’s rhymes, and cyborgs

Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Li͇̲̤͖̠fe̼̫͕͍ ̩͇͉̬i̲̬s͈͉͖̝̥͖ ͙̲̥̼̳̦̼bu̟̪̗̭͚t̼͎͓ ḁ̼̤̯͓̤ ̮̱d̦̰̞r͔̣̖͙̝̣͕e̹̝̟̟a̻͎̯̘m͍̥̥̮͔̭̱ Neuromancer blurs the line between reality and imagination with reckless abandon. It begs the question- what is reality? What is our place in it? The fact that Cyberspace is referred to as a “consensual hallucination” lets us know […]

Gaming Reflection

I definitely had difficulty with this module simply because I am much more accustomed to a traditional class structure. I find comfort in rubrics, standards, routine, and structure. It was definitely difficult or me to wrap my head around having so much freedom to explore. I floundered around a bit in the beginning just because […]

Scratch That

I decided to try my hand at baby’s first programming with Scratch. I’ve used it before, but very lightly and only to look at how it worked. For my first project, I decided to aim small and just edit an existing starter. I played several of the featured games, then took a look inside to […]

Grab the White-Out

Responsibilities don’t exist when it’s cold outside, right? This is the fourth time I’ve remade my website in accordance with a class. As you see, I have a static “About Me” page up now, when I previously had my posts in reverse-chronological order. I prefer to use categories rather than subdomains on my website because […]