Adventures in Digital History

Hello everyone, my name is Lesya (sounds like Liza) I decided to take ADH primarily because it fulfills the DGST minor requirement. The subject matter is also very interesting to me, as I am in the Elementary Education program and Interdisciplinary Science Studies major. This means that while I can teach general elementary without issue, […]

ARM Reflection

For this module I reviewed copyright law and made my own mashup. For both of these, I just googled the heck out of things. I remembered the basics of the copyright stuff from high school and DS106 and just found sources that proved my point or proved some outdated ideas I had wrong. For the mashup, […]


Here’s someone else’s mashup of the same songs I did and it’s way better and also more legal The major differences I’ve noticed is that this person sped up Girls/Girls/Boys to match LA Devotee and messed with the pitch a little bit, so I’ll log that for the next time I ever do a mashup. […]

I Am Not A Creative Man

I didn’t like how my first mashup turned out so I thought I would do a quick one of two songs that are 100% the same I remember from middle school. But, literally the exact video I wanted to make was made four years ago so I’ll just link to it here.  

SO I mixed some music

First things first here’s my mashup I even mashed up the two album covers. I would dare to call this Interestingly enough, I ran into some trouble getting this online. I first tried to upload this on SoundCloud I really appreciated having the option to dispute the claim, but in this case I used […]


Because I didn’t like the device, get it? ANYWAY let’s get cracking. Which incidentally was the main way to get inside this thing. PS I don’t have pictures because this nonsense didn’t deserve to be photographed. We did most of the disassembly in class when we were mostly together, and that was the best part. […]

Ghost Debates

It figures that the ONE TIME I miss class and have no internet access is the day we do an activity. Oh well. I spent this weekend in NYC for family business and got back to campus at 10:45 Monday morning before heading right to my classes, then was out working with YMCA SACC for […]

Selfie Reflection

This week or so, I’ve achieved my goals of looking at my own selfies and their composition. I consider myself fairly cognizant of my image, so it was more a matter of confirmation and analysis than knowledge. I read several articles shared in Slack and on the suggested readings list, watched a TedX talk, and did […]

When the Heart Guides the Hand

(casual marilyn manson bc i am secretly 12) I’ve spent the last two posts looking at my own selfies and trying to determine what makes them “good” or not, but that doesn’t factor in the fact that my most popular pictures were conventionally attractive. In general, I present myself as highly feminine and everything else […]